Steam Cleaning – The Facts Explained

floor steam cleaning

What is steam cleaning?

We have all seen the steam cleaning adverts on TV and read about how steam is great at cleaning the kitchen floor, cooker and other hard surfaces. High temperature steam is also very good at killing germs and bacteria.

But is steam any good for cleaning carpets and upholstery?

The phrase “steam cleaning” is commonly used to describe the cleaning of:

  • Floors & hard surfaces
  • Plant & machinery
  • Carpets and upholstery

Steam cleaning actually only applies to the cleaning of floors and hard surfaces, lets take a look at why the term “steam cleaning” is incorrectly used to describe various methods of cleaning.

Floors & hard surfaces

Natural stone, tile and laminate flooring can all be cleaned using an upright steam cleaner. A domestic machine usually has a micro fibre mop head , the dry steam helps to loosen dirt, grease and food spillages from the flooring and is captured into the micro fibre head.

floor steam cleaning

This is a very Eco-friendly method of cleaning flooring, in some cases no detergents are required and minimal amounts of water are used!

Plant & machinery

The phrase “steam cleaning” is often used to describe the cleaning of engines, vehicles, plant and machinery. The correct term to describe this method of cleaning is actually “Hot water pressure washing

Steam cleaning engine

Carpets & upholstery

A professional carpet cleaning company will be using very expensive equipment that actually heats a water supply to around 100 degrees centigrade. This water is then sometimes mixed with a cleaning chemical and pumped at high pressure through a hose to the operators cleaning tools.

Steam is created when the heated cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, you can now see why people refer to “Hot water extraction” as steam cleaning!

carpet steam cleaning

Here is a video demonstrating how Car Cleanse UK use hot water extraction to clean car upholstery



Can a domestic steam cleaner clean carpets and upholstery?

The simple answer is no, dry steam has no way of flushing out the dirt buried deep in the carpet, you have to inject water into the carpet and immediately extract the water that has loosened the soils.

Dry steam can actually damage fabrics and destroy leather, the heat can melt fibres and de-laminate the carpet from its backing! 

Will steam cleaning my car interior remove odours?

Steam can be very good at cleaning the plastics in a vehicle especially around the cup holders where drinks may of spilt.

But when it comes to removing odours from a vehicle, steam has absolutely no benefit as a stand alone cleaner, other cleaning methods would have to be used as well as specialist chemicals and equipment to remove an odour.


So to sum up

Hopefully this bog post has explained the difference between the various cleaning methods. All three cleaning methods use hot water but only dry steam used for cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces should be referred to as “steam cleaning”


How to prevent your car interior from damage!

We contributed to a blog post for a US company “Hatchbag” who offer quality boot liners


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How to remove car odours

CarCleanseUK talk about how to remove car odours

What is that smell in my car?

We all spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from work, dropping the kids off to school we simply get used to that annoying odour lingering around- CarCleanseUK talk about how to remove car odours

But what if that odour is just too much to bear? this post will explain how to remove  car odours to make the vehicle a better place to be!


There is nothing worse than offering a lift to a friend only to hear “sorry i would rather walk, your car stinks!” so what can you do about this embarrassing situation?

Some customers will try all sorts of money saving, temporary remedies they read on the internet!

The correct way to remove any odour is to locate the source first!

With the source located, we can then decide exactly what to do next, for example:

  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Vomit
  • Faeces

The above all contain proteins and bacteria, therefore we need to use a specific product and cleaning method to remove the spillage and the odour.

Failure to follow a strict method will simply not achieve the desired results, this is why so many car valeters and car wash people struggle to solve such problems.

Pet odours

Pet odours

Customers call us with questions relating to how to remove car odours caused by a family pet.

The pet dog travels in the rear of the car, the oily, damp fur and saliva transfers to the fabric, carpet, windows and plastics.

All these areas require deep cleaning to remove all traces of the animal, thus removing the odour.

Accidents and spillages

Some people travel better than others, we receive lots of customer enquires on how to remove odours in cars resulting from an accident.

faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car

Our eco safe  solution cleaned the fabric, removing the bacteria leaving the seat clean, fresh and safe to use again.

Here is a short video clip demonstrating part of the cleaning process


If you have an odour problem in your car, simply locate your nearest operator by tapping in your postcode on the main page!


How to prevent your car interior from damage!

We contributed to a blog post for a US company “Hatchbag” who offer quality boot liners

Car interior cleaning – cigarette smoke removal

No one likes the smell of cigarettes!

CarCleanseUK offer a car interior cleaning service completely different to car valeting and detailing services… Cigarette smoke removal for example

We recently received a call from a customer who had just purchased a VW T4, the customer had purchased the van to convert into a day van so it was very important the main cab area was free of all the dirt, grime and cigarette smoke  left by the previous string of owners!

Apart from a very grubby cab, the van had unfortunately been smoked in and in need of our cigarette smoke removal service.


nicotine removal

In order to remove the smell of cigarettes we have to get to the source of the odour which is the nicotine, the above picture shows what happens when we apply our exclusive bio safe cleaning product to a piece of plastic roof trim above the drivers seat.

Cigarette smoke will rise up and what doesn’t escape into the rear of the vehicle, will be absorbed into the roof lining.

smoke odour removal

The above picture clearly shows how the headlining absorbs the nicotine from the cigarette smoke, our bio safe cleaning product cut through the greasy nicotine achieving a very impressive result!

car interior cleaning

Our full interior cleaning service will include the cleansing of all hard surfaces which include the dash, door panels, trim, glass and vinyl.

car interior cleaning

The above indicator stalk clearly shows how dirt and body oils are transferred, this is most likely a build up of all the contact made by the previous owners!

If you love your car or van then it deserves the very best in car interior cleaning, not every vehicle can warrant this amount of time and money spent in which case we then recommend a good car valet service to help improve the vehicles appearance.

CarCleanseUK are the only UK based network who can offer full interior Cleansing rather than a simple clean.

CLICK HERE NOW! to locate your nearest CarCleanseUK operator!

How to prevent your car interior from damage!

We contributed to a blog post for a US company “Hatchbag” who offer quality boot liners


Spilt milk in car? – How to remove the odour

Milk spilt in car? CarCleanse to the rescue!

Don’t cry over spilt milk!

Your car hits a speed bump a little too fast and the carton of milk goes flying and we have spilt milk all over the boot carpet!

This video was shot by Russ Chadd of ProSteamUK who are based near Aldershot in Hampshire. The customer had been transporting her weekly shopping home when 4 pints of milk accidentally fell out of a plastic carrier bag and leaked all over the boot carpet.

Instead of panicking, the customer calmly removed the shopping bags from the car and called Russ who is part of the CarCleanseUK network.

removing spilt milk

Using specialist equipment and our bio-safe cleaning product, Russ managed to completely remove the spillage which had also leaked beneath the carpet all over the metal flooring and spare wheel compartment.

odour from milk

The spilt milk was flushed from the carpet and the carpet was saturated with our exclusive cleaning product which kills bacteria on contact eliminating the odour almost immediately!

Whilst the cleaning product was left to work its magic, the sub floor and removable items were also treated and thoroughly rinsed to kill bacteria.

Once all the items which had come in to contact with the spilt milk had been cleaned, they were left to dry and then replaced back into the car. The customer was overjoyed with the results, before Russ arrived she was worried about the odour effecting her baby in the car and the obvious bacteria.

CarCleanseUK are a dedicated network of professionals who deal specifically with the removal of:

  • Milk spillages
  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Cigarette smoke odour

CarCleanseUK - Interior cleansing and odour removal specialists

We also offer the best upholstery cleaning service for your cars fabric or leather seats!

Our exclusive cleaning product will remove stains, dirt and body oils (sweat) plus it will kill bacteria, viruses and mould without harming pets or people!

Check out our Youtube playlist!



Car interior cleaning services

car valeting

Hundreds of Car Interior cleaning services to choose from in the UK

Car interior cleaning services are all over the country, everywhere you look there appears to be a car wash offering some form of valeting service.

But what makes CarCleanseUK different?

Even your local supermarket will have swarms of people washing cars and offering… yes you guessed it… valeting.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s there were many established companies offering a genuine car valeting service, they would drive to your home or place of work and carry out a proper clean of the vehicle. In some cases a full valet would take a skilled valeter all day to complete, lovingly restoring the paintwork and adding real value to the vehicle.

Car interior cleaning services

Sadly nearly all the quality mobile car valeting services are all long gone, most automatic car wash and jet wash systems have all been removed from local filling stations. The UK has unfortunately suffered economic difficulties over the passed 10 years and this has led to cheap car wash centres popping up all over the UK cashing in on the motorist who want to pay the minimum to have their cars washed.

At the other end of the scale there are car detailers who offer the complete restoration of a vehicles interior and exterior

car valeting

So, what’s the difference between what we know today as car valeting and car detailing?

A detailer will work to a very high standard, they usually have a purpose made garage with special lighting to allow the detailer to find imperfections in the paintwork.

Paintwork, interior, engine bay, wheels are all given the finest attention, hours and hours of polishing, waxing and buffing until the car looks as good as new!

Detailing requires years of experience and specialist equipment and the finest waxes, this really is the ultimate in car care and people will pay serious money to have the best detailing available.

So what does CarCleanseUK offer that’s different?

CarCleanseUK - Interior cleansing and odour removal specialists

OK so if you want your car washed or valeted you can simply visit your local hand car wash, this service is very affordable and for most people perfectly good enough. If you have a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you will probably look at having the car detailed.

So if your car had a terrible odour from a pet or a smoker, who would you  expect to help you?

Car valeting services will be equipped to wash your car and possibly shampoo the seats, they might even throw in an odour bomb to release a powerful air freshener inside the car, but this will not remove the source of the odour.

Most professional detailers will not be interested in odour or spillage removal as they are busy making lots of money from restoring and protecting paintwork.

CarCleanseUK are not valeters or detailers, we concentrate purely on:

  • Odour removal
  • Spillage removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deep cleansing (disinfecting the interior)

In other words we are specialists in problem solving, we tackle the jobs the other car interior cleaning services simply turn down.

How to prevent your car interior from damage!

We contributed to a blog post for a US company “Hatchbag” who offer quality boot liners

How to clean car seats

How to clean car seats

Cleaning cars seats… How difficult could it be?

Your car seats are looking a little worse for wear, stained and looking very unpleasant. So, how to clean car seats properly, what are your options to get them looking like new again?

Most people will visit their local motor factors and buy a bottle of upholstery cleaner, the instructions look pretty straight forward and the before and after pictures on the front label simply cannot be ignored!

how to clean car seats car valeting

In reality this foaming shampoo will enhance the appearance of  dirty fabric thanks to additives which brighten the fibres but does it really clean?

OK, so we have a car seat which contains dirt, sweat, drinks spillages and food… your going to apply a foam to the surface and work the foam into the fabric driving the dirt and everything else deeper

into the upholstery! Then wipe with a towel which may remove a small amount of dirt…

This cleaner is actually designed to be used as a maintenance product and for lightly soiled upholstery.


So we need something a bit more powerful to flush out the dirt, the next option would be to hire a machine.

How to clean car seats car valeting

You have all seen these machines in your local dry cleaners or DIY centre. Clever marketing will try and convince you that for £35 your carpet will look as good as new plus you can also clean your upholstery as well… This is a no brainer, right?

So the instructions tell you to add the shampoo (which you will have to buy) to the tank of the machine, pre-spot the fabric with a detergent (which you will need to buy) and simply make slow, steady passes to extract the dirt. This will be a vast improvement to the results the foam cleaner would of achieved

The downside to hiring a machine is the inconvenience of collecting and returning, and vacuum performance is very limited resulting in wet upholstery which can take days to dry.

So your next option would be to find someone to carry out the work.

You tap in “car seat cleaning” or “car valeting service” into your chosen search engine

valeting and car seat cleaning
The chances are you will find your local hand car wash who also offers a car valeting service, these guys will swarm your vehicle with up to 6 people all carrying out a different job such as vacuuming, window cleaning, car seat cleaning. You cannot knock these places for offering a reasonable service for the fee they charge.

If you are fussy about results then you will probably have a few issues with the level of quality, but then what are you expecting for £30? these guys have to work fast and tear through your car as quickly as possible so if you want perfection then for £30 you ain’t gonna get it.


A car seat cleaning service with a difference…

CarCleanseUK - Interior cleansing and odour removal specialists

How about a car seat cleaning service which actually comes to your home?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider locating an CarCleanseUK operator:

  1. Your car seats will be cleaned and disinfected in one go

  2. We come to your home

  3. Removing dirt, stains, bacteria, viruses, mould

  4. Fabric dry and ready to use in under 2 hours

  5. Eco-safe cleaning, will not harm kids or pets

Looking for better results rather than the cheapest price?

Simply visit our home page and tap in your postcode to locate your nearest operator!

How to prevent your car interior from damage!

We contributed to a blog post for a US company “Hatchbag” who offer quality boot liners