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Hundreds of Car Interior cleaning services to choose from in the UK

Car interior cleaning services are all over the country, everywhere you look there appears to be a car wash offering some form of valeting service.

But what makes CarCleanseUK different?

Even your local supermarket will have swarms of people washing cars and offering… yes you guessed it… valeting.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s there were many established companies offering a genuine car valeting service, they would drive to your home or place of work and carry out a proper clean of the vehicle. In some cases a full valet would take a skilled valeter all day to complete, lovingly restoring the paintwork and adding real value to the vehicle.

Car interior cleaning services

Sadly nearly all the quality mobile car valeting services are all long gone, most automatic car wash and jet wash systems have all been removed from local filling stations. The UK has unfortunately suffered economic difficulties over the passed 10 years and this has led to cheap car wash centres popping up all over the UK cashing in on the motorist who want to pay the minimum to have their cars washed.

At the other end of the scale there are car detailers who offer the complete restoration of a vehicles interior and exterior

car valeting

So, what’s the difference between what we know today as car valeting and car detailing?

A detailer will work to a very high standard, they usually have a purpose made garage with special lighting to allow the detailer to find imperfections in the paintwork.

Paintwork, interior, engine bay, wheels are all given the finest attention, hours and hours of polishing, waxing and buffing until the car looks as good as new!

Detailing requires years of experience and specialist equipment and the finest waxes, this really is the ultimate in car care and people will pay serious money to have the best detailing available.

So what does CarCleanseUK offer that’s different?

CarCleanseUK - Interior cleansing and odour removal specialists

OK so if you want your car washed or valeted you can simply visit your local hand car wash, this service is very affordable and for most people perfectly good enough. If you have a classic car or a very expensive sports car, you will probably look at having the car detailed.

So if your car had a terrible odour from a pet or a smoker, who would you  expect to help you?

Car valeting services will be equipped to wash your car and possibly shampoo the seats, they might even throw in an odour bomb to release a powerful air freshener inside the car, but this will not remove the source of the odour.

Most professional detailers will not be interested in odour or spillage removal as they are busy making lots of money from restoring and protecting paintwork.

CarCleanseUK are not valeters or detailers, we concentrate purely on:

  • Odour removal
  • Spillage removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deep cleansing (disinfecting the interior)

In other words we are specialists in problem solving, we tackle the jobs the other car interior cleaning services simply turn down.

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