Car interior cleaning – cigarette smoke removal

No one likes the smell of cigarettes!

CarCleanseUK offer a car interior cleaning service completely different to car valeting and detailing services… Cigarette smoke removal for example

We recently received a call from a customer who had just purchased a VW T4, the customer had purchased the van to convert into a day van so it was very important the main cab area was free of all the dirt, grime and cigarette smoke  left by the previous string of owners!

Apart from a very grubby cab, the van had unfortunately been smoked in and in need of our cigarette smoke removal service.


nicotine removal

In order to remove the smell of cigarettes we have to get to the source of the odour which is the nicotine, the above picture shows what happens when we apply our exclusive bio safe cleaning product to a piece of plastic roof trim above the drivers seat.

Cigarette smoke will rise up and what doesn’t escape into the rear of the vehicle, will be absorbed into the roof lining.

smoke odour removal

The above picture clearly shows how the headlining absorbs the nicotine from the cigarette smoke, our bio safe cleaning product cut through the greasy nicotine achieving a very impressive result!

car interior cleaning

Our full interior cleaning service will include the cleansing of all hard surfaces which include the dash, door panels, trim, glass and vinyl.

car interior cleaning

The above indicator stalk clearly shows how dirt and body oils are transferred, this is most likely a build up of all the contact made by the previous owners!

If you love your car or van then it deserves the very best in car interior cleaning, not every vehicle can warrant this amount of time and money spent in which case we then recommend a good car valet service to help improve the vehicles appearance.

CarCleanseUK are the only UK based network who can offer full interior Cleansing rather than a simple clean.

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