How to remove car odours

CarCleanseUK talk about how to remove car odours

What is that smell in my car?

We all spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from work, dropping the kids off to school we simply get used to that annoying odour lingering around- CarCleanseUK talk about how to remove car odours

But what if that odour is just too much to bear? this post will explain how to remove  car odours to make the vehicle a better place to be!


There is nothing worse than offering a lift to a friend only to hear “sorry i would rather walk, your car stinks!” so what can you do about this embarrassing situation?

Some customers will try all sorts of money saving, temporary remedies they read on the internet!

The correct way to remove any odour is to locate the source first!

With the source located, we can then decide exactly what to do next, for example:

  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Vomit
  • Faeces

The above all contain proteins and bacteria, therefore we need to use a specific product and cleaning method to remove the spillage and the odour.

Failure to follow a strict method will simply not achieve the desired results, this is why so many car valeters and car wash people struggle to solve such problems.

Pet odours

Pet odours

Customers call us with questions relating to how to remove car odours caused by a family pet.

The pet dog travels in the rear of the car, the oily, damp fur and saliva transfers to the fabric, carpet, windows and plastics.

All these areas require deep cleaning to remove all traces of the animal, thus removing the odour.

Accidents and spillages

Some people travel better than others, we receive lots of customer enquires on how to remove odours in cars resulting from an accident.

faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car
faeces in car seat causing bad odour in car

Our eco safe  solution cleaned the fabric, removing the bacteria leaving the seat clean, fresh and safe to use again.

Here is a short video clip demonstrating part of the cleaning process


If you have an odour problem in your car, simply locate your nearest operator by tapping in your postcode on the main page!


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