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Steam Cleaning – The Facts Explained

What is steam cleaning? We have all seen the steam cleaning adverts on TV and read about how steam is great at cleaning the kitchen floor, cooker and other hard surfaces. High temperature steam is also very good at killing germs and bacteria. But is steam any good for cleaning carpets and upholstery? The phrase […]

How to remove car odours

What is that smell in my car? We all spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from work, dropping the kids off to school we simply get used to that annoying odour lingering around- CarCleanseUK talk about how to remove car odours But what if that odour is just too much to bear? […]

Car interior cleaning – cigarette smoke removal

No one likes the smell of cigarettes! CarCleanseUK offer a car interior cleaning service completely different to car valeting and detailing services… Cigarette smoke removal for example We recently received a call from a customer who had just purchased a VW T4, the customer had purchased the van to convert into a day van so […]

Spilt milk in car? – How to remove the odour

Don’t cry over spilt milk! Your car hits a speed bump a little too fast and the carton of milk goes flying and we have spilt milk all over the boot carpet! This video was shot by Russ Chadd of ProSteamUK who are based near Aldershot in Hampshire. The customer had been transporting her weekly […]

Car interior cleaning services

Hundreds of Car Interior cleaning services to choose from in the UK Car interior cleaning services are all over the country, everywhere you look there appears to be a car wash offering some form of valeting service. But what makes CarCleanseUK different? Even your local supermarket will have swarms of people washing cars and offering… yes […]

How to clean car seats

How to clean car seats Cleaning cars seats… How difficult could it be? Your car seats are looking a little worse for wear, stained and looking very unpleasant. So, how to clean car seats properly, what are your options to get them looking like new again? Most people will visit their local motor factors and […]