Spilt milk in car? – How to remove the odour

Milk spilt in car? CarCleanse to the rescue!

Don’t cry over spilt milk!

Your car hits a speed bump a little too fast and the carton of milk goes flying and we have spilt milk all over the boot carpet!

This video was shot by Russ Chadd of ProSteamUK who are based near Aldershot in Hampshire. The customer had been transporting her weekly shopping home when 4 pints of milk accidentally fell out of a plastic carrier bag and leaked all over the boot carpet.

Instead of panicking, the customer calmly removed the shopping bags from the car and called Russ who is part of the CarCleanseUK network.

removing spilt milk

Using specialist equipment and our bio-safe cleaning product, Russ managed to completely remove the spillage which had also leaked beneath the carpet all over the metal flooring and spare wheel compartment.

odour from milk

The spilt milk was flushed from the carpet and the carpet was saturated with our exclusive cleaning product which kills bacteria on contact eliminating the odour almost immediately!

Whilst the cleaning product was left to work its magic, the sub floor and removable items were also treated and thoroughly rinsed to kill bacteria.

Once all the items which had come in to contact with the spilt milk had been cleaned, they were left to dry and then replaced back into the car. The customer was overjoyed with the results, before Russ arrived she was worried about the odour effecting her baby in the car and the obvious bacteria.

CarCleanseUK are a dedicated network of professionals who deal specifically with the removal of:

  • Milk spillages
  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Cigarette smoke odour

CarCleanseUK - Interior cleansing and odour removal specialists

We also offer the best upholstery cleaning service for your cars fabric or leather seats!

Our exclusive cleaning product will remove stains, dirt and body oils (sweat) plus it will kill bacteria, viruses and mould without harming pets or people!

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